"You'll see a 35-year-old bank manager who is sledging a 15-year-old and you think, 'That's just what you do in grade cricket"


As wide-eyed juniors, the Grade Cricketer dreamed of playing cricket for Australia one day. That was before entering the dog-eat-dog world of Australian grade cricket, where their hopes and dreams were swiftly extinguished; their cricketing careers subsequently laid to rest.

As a form or catharsis, The Grade Cricketer was born: a desperate, delusional everyman that thousands of middling amateur athletes can relate to, even if they refuse to admit it publicly.

Now a cult podcast, TV show, live tour, social media presence and series of books.

"The beauty of The Grade Cricketer is he is more than a grade cricketer — he is every cricketer, from the park to the SCG. His insights into the game make people laugh mostly because they reflect every cricketer’s unspoken convictions. We all live vicariously through him, as he does us."


The sports-entertainment speaking circuit is littered with blokes telling decades-old tales of macho exploits on Australian sporting fields.

Sam and Ian have taken their live performances across Australia for the past two years, and will take their show to the UK in August 2019.

Unlike many of their competitors, they’re proud to utilise material sourced after the year 1975.

“for a lot of cricketers, leaving the game is impossible. Cricket is all they know - they’ve done it since they were ten and they have a deep-seated fear of change.”

'The Grade Cricketer is the finest tribute to a sport since Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch, and the best cricket book in yonks. It's belly-laughing funny but it's also a hymn to the grand and complex game delivered with a narrative pace and ability I'm afraid most Test players don't have. A great read!' Tom Keneally

Hilarious, ridiculous and completely true to life to anyone who's ever spent time in a dressing room, Tea and No Sympathy takes us on a skeweringly funny sporting misadventure through the world of grade cricket and the flawed, damaged and occasionally appalling people who play it, from the creators of the bestselling novel The Grade Cricketer.

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